To get started, follow the step below;

▪ ️Search the Monibolt website
▪ ️Message an approved code merchant to get your coupon code.
▪️ Fill in each field with the details required.
▪ ️Please click the register button.
▪ ️login properly with your username and password.

CONGRATULATIONS​ You are ready to start making money..
You earn by buying a trading bolt package, you will be able to trade every half hour and make massive profit all day long.
Getting paid on Monibolt is very easy. Once your earnings hit the minimum withdrawal, you simply click on the withdraw button, and your earnings will be paid directly to your bank account within 12-24 hours of request.
Referring to Monibolt is OPTIONAL once your Level 1 is completed. So you get paid with or without referrals.
You create a withdrawal request in the "Payouts" section, and within 24 hours your withdrawal will be processed, and the funds will be sent to the wallet you specified.
For those who would like to refer friends and family, MONIBOLT has an amazing compensation plan that enables you to make thousands of naira online. Every member is eligible to earn from our referral program which makes it flexible, just sign up and copy your referral link, then refer and earn.

With ₦1,400 referral commissions, your bank account can never go dry!
To get started on registering your down line or prospect, first contact any of our code merchants on the website to get a unique registration code, click “here” (merchant page). then go to your dashboard, get your referral link. Once it’s loaded input the details of your prospect, agree with terms and condition and click on register.
▪ ️Monibolt is a trading platform where 70% of her revenue comes from trading forex and other high valued portfolios.

▪ ️Monibolt is also actively in asset acquisition that have high revenue potential in the market.

We also run Google Adenses on our website and we get paid when visitors click on them.

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