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Monibolt shares the winner mentality of her community. As one of the global leading real-money virtual trading platforms, It’s our goal to become #1. Our team is dedicated to putting our community first and offering the most profitable virtual trading services out there.

Monibolt enables investors to access the opportunities of trading without any technical skills, zero losses and the minimum of time. Monibolt also enables retail investors to trade the virtual market by providing access to cutting edge trading technology, commission-free trading, free education, and outstanding customer service.

At Monibolt, we provide a virtual auto trading system that allows members to trade and make profit without risk or having to incur losses.

We provide customised trading charts to track pairs with very high potential buy/sell calls. The Monibolt system allows investors to trade and still make profit from their dashboard. while the company does the main trade with the Monibolt AI accelerator. The artificial intelligence provides a zero-loss approach to trade, thereby putting us as the best AI trading platform. .


"Bolt" is a digital currency only applicable in monibolt. As a subscriber you earn via the bolt and all earning deposited in your bolt wallet. Bolt can be converted to Naira and cashout to your local bank account.

In monibolt the conversion rate of 1 bolt ranges from ₦1.26 to ₦9.45 in naira depending on your valued package.

Making money on monibolt has been made easy, it takes less time to earn and to covert your bolt to Nigeria naira. .

Each day a Subscriber auto trades this is the estimated result of that day's earnings: ▪ ️30 minutes: 30 bolt
▪ ️Daily= 1440 bolt
▪ ️Weekly = 10,080 bolt
▪ ️Monthly = 40,320 bolt

Average conversion rate of bolt to Naira: 1bolt = ₦1.26 naira..

40,320 bolt monthly = ₦50,800 profit monthly.

▪ ️Daily profit: ₦1,764
▪ ️Weekly profit: ₦12,384

▪ ️Monthly profit: ₦50,800
▪ ️Yearly Profit from two accounts: ₦1,219,200


Monibolt offers the highest referral bonus of ₦5000 on the internet.

🔹 Imagine registering only 10 persons, that's cool ₦50,000 made! ₦5000×10 persons = ₦50,000

Can you see how lucrative and profitable Monibolt is??

Now, don't get too crazy yet. This is just the minimum amount you can be making

Now, this is just the beginning. You can also earn with our super auto - trade bot, which allows you to earn and make profit every minutes. Amazing right?

Monibolt; No Boundaries..


Simplicity - Everybody can become a trader with our easiest to use trading platform. All you need is an internet enabled mobile phone and you are on your way to financial freedom..

Speed - We provide fastest trading using cutting-edge auto trade technologies. No delays in order executions and lags in user interface.

Zero losses - Sit back and relax while our trading robot automatically trades for you at your command this system guarantees 100% profit with Zero losses..

Get cash - Our AI system tracks and rates your trades. Every 30 minutes you click to trade it picks the best trades and rewards these traders with cash.

Withdraw - Request to withdraw cash balance to a personal bank account whenever you're ready. You get automatically credited after 4hrs of request. We make payments to our users every day


▪️ Register an Account
Create an account, verify your identity.
▪️ Begin autotrade Make an investment - start trading and making Profit every 30 minutes..
▪️Receive money Get passive income and monitor your profit

What you should expect?

▪️ Real earnings
We do not give reward points like most platform do, we reward you with real money for your each time you make a trade.

▪️ Fast results
Each trade count down from 30 minutes. You get your cash reward as soon as the trade count down ends.

▪️ Easy start Monibolt trading system, is design to be user friendly You will figure it out in just a few minutes.

▪️ Multiple levels
Our multidimensional levels system enables traders to progress from one level to another, increasing their ability to earn more with each level increase

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